Renoir Corner

Located at the Crossroads of the Valley
Fulton & Mariposa Streets

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Galerie de Merzan


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The Chicken Shack
Toshiko Ramen & Sushi Bar

Renoir Corner est l’endroit idéal pour votre entreprise.

Renoir Corner is a Robert Gurfield community project in association with
Marc Blake’s Light Walking Studio

Downtown Fresno is enjoying a major revitalization. The CIty of Fresno, developers, numerous organizations and community members are invested in making the city center a destination for art, culture and enterprise.

Fulton and Mariposa streets (a.k.a. the Crossroads of the Valley) are the center point. This marks the location of Renoir Corner in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. Pierre-Auguste Renor’s world famous statue La Grande Laveuse (Washer Woman) is displayed here.

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